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A love affair with fibre

Contemporary Handweaving  

During 2021, I'm taking some time out -  the workshop will be shut to the public. I am not taking any orders or offering any workshops but 

handwoven items are available through my Etsy Shop

I came into weaving through knitting and spinning and embrace free weaving style using my Saori looms and a Louet David multi shaft.  For me, weaving and spinning are mindful crafts - embracing the creativity that we all have but often stop ourselves from doing for fear of failure. This is the distinction for me between factory made weaving and handmade. If you are looking for perfection, then trust a machine! 


I love wool but also work with cotton, alpaca, silk, linen, hemp, recycled material and even banana! There are environmental costs to all fibre production but I love finding something with low impact. 



Island Hall studios, St. Agnes TR22 0PL, UK

07557 998922


07557 998922

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