Who Am I?

I'm Trish Peacock and I moved to St. Agnes in 2008 to be with my boatman husband. I'm a self taught weaver and my journey to weaving started when I thought it would be a great idea to learn to spin and save money on my knitting hobby. This didn't quite go to plan and opened up a whole new craft for me. And then I took up weaving to use up the handspun!

After exploring different styles and methods of weaving, I follow the Saori school (more info at www.saoriglobal.com) with my Saori WX60 loom. 

The Four Principles of SAORI

The following represent the core philosophy of SAORI. They guide those practicing SAORI not only while they weave but also in the ways they conduct their lives as a whole.        

1.  Consider the differences between a machine and human being.
2.  Be bold and adventurous.
3.  Look out through eyes that shine.
4.  Inspire one another and everyone in the community.

This is an artistic and creative weaving approach which I use in scarves, cushions and wallhangings.