Who Am I?


I grew up in Northern Ireland and after university lived in a variety of places in the UK before moving to Scilly in 2008.

I spent many years as a frustrated artist - always drawn to it but never finding a way to express myself until a friend suggested I look at Saori weaving. Suddenly I was able to express my abstract ideas in weaving. I took to it immediately but thought I wasn't a proper weaver until I had done some traditional weaving. I learnt how to do this and also learnt that it doesn't suit me. Whilst I can admire complex weaves the lengthy repetitions do not appeal to me. 

So after learning the 'correct' way of weaving I can now experiment more with non conventional weaving.

During 2021 I'm experimenting with weaving as a canvas and exploring themes of mental health, trauma and also the natural world around me.


Trish Peacock 2021