Who Am I?

I'm Trish Peacock and I moved to St. Agnes in 2008 to be with my boatman husband. I'm a self taught weaver and my journey to weaving started when I thought it would be a great idea to learn to spin and save money on my knitting hobby. This didn't quite go to plan and opened up a whole new craft for me. And then I took up weaving to use up the handspun!

So for me, weaving is all about the process and the fibre. I can't paint very well but I love to play with colour in weaving. The Saori loom was an eye opener for me and let me tackle weaving in a pleasurable and meditative way before moving on to warping and a whole new dictionary of weaving terminology. With support from weaving friends and online guilds I have gradually built up my weaving practice and can even say that I love warping! 

I bought my Louet David in 2018 with support from our ERDF local voucher scheme and it's such a comfortable loom to weave at that it has really changed my weaving behaviour so I enjoy every stage of the weaving process. The warping and setting up of the loom is the bit that takes the time rather than the shuttle throwing. 

The process of making something truly by hand is incredibly satisfying and rewarding and I'm proud to be able to keep a traditional craft  alive, in my own small way and share with my customers. 

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