"Have a go at Weaving"

Have a go at weaving and experiment with texture and colour in the form of making a piece of cloth. Weaving is a meditative and therapeutic craft. You can never go wrong! You can start weaving with something in mind or just see where the mood takes you. I have plenty of natural fibres on hand in all colours and textures.

There is no need to tackle warps or complicated set ups. I will have the Saori loom already for you. You will learn the basics of how this Japanese loom works and then spend most of the time creating a unique piece to take home. You will understand the difference between warp and weft, how to wind on a bobbin and basic weaving terminology. But most of all you will enjoy the rhythm and peace of weaving. I’m someone who does not have the skill or ability to paint but I can express my creativity through weaving so don’t be scared to have a go. It is a very meditative process and you can get truly lost for hours, forgetting everything else! Don’t feel you have to come with ideas - you can just go with how you feel on the day.

Groups be a maximum of 3 so you are guaranteed individual attention when needed.


10-15 minutes introduction and loom basics with demo

Rest is over to you to weave! I’ll be on hand at all times for questions and help.

You will be working in the Island Hall, a sutainable, award winning building. It is warm, light and comfortable with level access through out including toilets. It is a truly beautiful place to weave. Looms can be taken just outside on the grass in fine weather but not to the beach (sand does not agree with loom parts!)

Thank you to the Isles of Scilly Voucher Scheme, funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) for all their support in making this happen.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements?

Open to children aged 8 or over but they must be accompanied by an adult

How do I get there?

Boats run from all the other islands. From the quay turn left past the Turks Head pub. Walk for just under 10 minutes to the phone box, turn right, keep on this road for about 5 minutes until you see a large hall, set on its own. The front is an old Wesleyan Chapel. There should be a notice outside (unless it has blown over). You are here!

What should I bring? 

Please bring a pair of socks as you can not weave with shoes on!

I will provide all the materials but if you have something special you’d like to incorporate do bring it with you. e.g. handpsun, very small pieces of fabric, special yarn, leftover bits of wool, fleece, etc.

How do I book? 

Bookings via  Eventbrite - search for Twisted Bobbins or click here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/have-a-go-at-weaving-tickets-53013957173