Special Orders

Elegant Wrap in Cotton and Wool

This elegant wrap is from very special wool. Hooligan yarns have a tiny flock of rescued sheep and produce their yarn in small batches per sheep so you know exactly where your item came from down to the name of the sheep. This one is from two sheep  -  Gordon and Gilbert -  silky shimmery Gotland/Teeswater cross. I do this on a cotton warp so it gives it a good drape. Elegant yet practical. Available in other sheep! 

Handwoven and handspun

This was a truly bespoke piece. I handpsun this coral Blue Faced Leicester wool and silk (which has tiny strands of gold shimmer in it) and then hand wove it. 

This handwoven scarf uses a clasped weft technique to create two colours intertwining along the vertical. This was done in alpaca

A special order of agapanthus blue wool on a cream cotton warp for a special gift. This is just starting out on its handwoven journey on the rigid heddle loom.