I work with natural fibres so you can rest assured that what you buy is kind to the environment and will cause minimum pollution. The ethics around a lot of natural fibre production can be complex however and there is probably no "perfect' fibre. E.g. wool is a wonderful fibre that is breathable, fire retardant, needs little washing and biodegrades naturally but vegans would not be able to wear it. I do offer a range of fibres including cotton, bamboo, banana (great alternative to silk for vegans), silk, linen, alpaca and of course wool. I still have some wool with acrylic which I am phasing out. If you have a particular fibre that you would like to use please contact me and i can price this up for you. 

Use of Plastic

I use biodegradable postage bags (paper is impractical here due to post being exposed to the elements)! I also have compostable bags in the workshop for people to put their scarves in to protect them from the weather and boat travel. I use tissue paper and wool or cotton for wrapping. 

Natural fibres do not produce micro-fragments of plastic or synthetic polymers which can get into the water course (and ultimately the food chain) from washing. 

I am a supporter of Plastic Free Scilly and a Trustee of the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust


Weaving and knitting need no electricity. My looms are all operated by hand or feet and are made of sustainable wood (ash or cherry) and metal. 

My workshop is based in our Island Hall - a building that has won a Green Build award for sustainability. We have a roof covered in solar panels which provides underfloor heating and hot water. The hall has a bio-digester which serves all the island and the rain water is harvested from the zinc roof and guttering. The frame of the hall is made of larch. 

More about the hall can be found here: